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Why 100 days?

In honor of the the 100 year anniversary of praise proclaimed from 4582 Fishtrap Road.

One hundred years ago visionary pioneers found a home for their vibrant Christian community. Cooper Creek Baptist Church started meeting around 1872 in a little log school house with a handful of committed believers. On December 26, 1916, L. F. Collins donated the Fishtrap property to provide a permanent place of worship for the current faithful families and future generations. WE ARE THAT FUTURE.

Today, we stand on the shoulders of those who went before us, those who praised the Lord on this very ground. From the joys of community picnics, Vacation Bible Schools, weddings and revivals, to the sufferings of storms, the Great Depression, World Wars and the struggle to build new buildings, they stood firm in their faith. Through jubilation and tribulation, for 100 years, this land stood dedicated to the Kingdom of God and soaked in the praises of his people.

Now it is our turn to carry the legacy forward.

May this land see revival, may these trees sway with overwhelming PRAISE–bursting from the hearts of passionate believers. We declare this consecrated land at 4582 Fishtrap Road is open heaven where God’s undeniable presence is known at every corner, where angels bring gifts, where children find faith, where healing miracles manifest, where people find hope and salvation, where missionaries are launched to the world, and where lonely hearts find a home. May we as the body of Christ in this season be a BRIDGE connecting our community to LIFE (all ages, all races, and all kinds) for the next 100 years!